Electron Extraction- What Can it Produce?

New Energy Technologies 

The discoveries of what occurs to create storm cloud charges have led to the development of ELECTRON EXTRACTION technology and the beginning of unlimited potential for new energy technologies.  The need for new emission free energy resources and breakthroughs has never been greater. 

One or more energy opportunities comes from the separation of the charges alone which creates an electric potential that can charge plates, capacitors and even batteries. The recent advancement in these technologies are a promising component for power production when partnered with a continuous energy supply. When compared to current green energy options such as solar and wind, ELECTRON EXTRACTION provides energy production that is not dependent on the weather, sunlight exposure, land typography and acreage requirements. 

Positive Water- (positively charged) 

In general, currently, there are ways to charge water to positive (or negative) such as field charging and contact charging, but these approaches, and others, involve adding protons to the water to make it positive. However, ELECTRON EXTRACTION removes electrons from the molecules of H2O to make it positive.

Cationic water use in various fields such as:

1. Medicine- Biochemical Reactions

2. Chemical/Material Science- Electrochemical Reactions

3. Agriculture- Electrostatic Applications

4. Industrial Applications- ie suppresses Dust, Silica and Sludge

Natural Negative Ions 

Also know as Anions, Lenard Ions and ballo-electro ions.

Health benefits have been studied due to the abundant presence of negative ions.  Ions are charged particles in the air that are produced naturally by trees and plants,  crashing beach waves and waterfalls. There are negative ion generators on the market that ionize the air, but they are generated electronically and not from a natural source.  

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